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Sunday, January 14, 2018

U/M Project entry 6 - Map update 4 SO MANY RIVERS

     I cannot explain the depths of my frustrations with minecraft rivers. The way water in minecraft flows is very finicky and can become an all consuming obsession to get right.

Ultima 4 and 5 have rivers in somewhat random placement and in my quest to avoid the unrealistic flatlands and sea level streams, I've had to resort to very carefully planning out slopes, elevations, and waterfalls. To that end, Ultima 4 is coming along very nicely. As a special treat for my lack of updates, I created a more interesting view of the world created so far.

oh yeah

Right clicking the image and opening in a new window might give you a better view.

The map has already changed from this version, I'm attempting to raise the land and lower the amount of sheer cliffs. The map is great, but those mountains just look like the hard tastless cake decorations that-

So, that's on the todo list.

 - No real progress on the modpack, but I am constantly adding to that todo list with ideas on how to reign in some of the mechanics of the game and mods to further the world's immersion. For example, I'm toying with the idea of severely limiting the ability of the players to create more complicated objects with crafting tables.

No more iron swords made with sticks, no more oven-less cake and bread baking, and no more bare hand bomb assembly. There still could be other items you can create, including pouring molten metals into forms for weapon creation, baking in ovens and frying pans, and creation of smaller items like torches and flint/steel.

The rest will be handled through NPC interaction and shops. This will also be the most likely manner in which sailing will occur.

 - Next, The Ultima/Minecraft Project could use a new name. I'm thinking Bricktannia. Ultiminecraft was suggested by Steven Walvick. I'll be creating a list and the end of each U/M project update with suggestions to be possibly voted on later. Anyone can submit a name with a comment on any U/M update post, but any voting will be done by participants in the development of the worlds later.

Until then, I am Lord Brickish of Bricktannia. RULE BRICKTANNIA!

 - Lastly, I'm planning to leave my own mark upon every world in the form of the Heart. On an old UO private server, I spent a great deal of my time in a clan named Guardians of the Heart.

Yes, that spells 'GotH'. No that had no bearing on our activities.

It was a a family, we had a lot of great times, and was an excellent example of how effective UO was at being a social platform more than more grindy MMOs. Even today for that matter. The Heart, was a clearing in the woods near yew that was, you guessed it, heart shaped. And so, that clearing will be making an appearance on all of my Britannian maps. Possibly with ruins to explore that become more dilapidated the later the game played.

 - Thanks for reading and please leave me suggestions and comments!
- Ultima Dad, AKA Save vs Dragon

The list Thus Far :
Bricktannia - Save vs Dragon
Ultiminecraft - Steven Walvick

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