My name is Aaron, I am a Dad.
His name is Josh, he is a son...of mine...the know what I mean.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ultima 6 Day 3 - Not Monday

Well, between a birthday party and spring cleaning we didn't get around to round 3 until Wednesday.

We headed out into the wilderness today in the direction of cove...where we first learned the effects of swamps.
Joshua directed us back to Lord British to be cured.

Off we go again, avoiding the swamps and following a sound. We came across a glowing pedestal, guarded by Gargoyles. The battle was fierce! BROOK JOHNSON!

So we woke up in back in front of Lord British again. Full party wipe-out.

New strategy, we chased the gargoyles away from the pedestal. There was a stone protected by a force-field. I experimented with a spell book we found in the castle and found I couldn't dispel it, so I asked a few leading questions about the stone to Josh. We came to the agreement that the shape of the stone looked like a moon and had something to do with the phases of the moons.

We gave up and headed back to the castle once again. We needed to get to cove, but we'd heal and question British one last time.

A call from the wife prompted a quick save and swift exit from the room. Leftover birthday cake was at stake. The battle was fierce!

During some of the downtime in castle British, I had to re-equip BROOK JOHNSON's armor and the question of the chain mail shirt came up. It was a great opportunity. After cake, I went out to the garage and dug into my old Medieval Fair equipment. As luck would have it, I own one. I brought it out and let the kids feel it.

My wife suggested Joshua try it on and he loved the idea. I had him put on his jacket for padding. He loved it, even though he couldn't lift his arms. Truth be told, it's a bit big on me too. When I bought it, I had to cut some of the chain off to fit me, so I gave him some of the scrap I kept to play with.

All-in all, it was a good night.

     - Dear Joshua
You weren't using the mouse and keyboard, but you kept up pretty well with what was happening, although you lost track during combat. It was your catch 22, you were too excited about being in combat to keep track of what was going on!

- With love,

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