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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ultima/Minecraft Project Entry 1 - Backstory

Some time back, listening to Withstand the Fury Dragon (Seriously thought he was saying that he was with Stan the "Fury Dragon" at first, kept wondering why Stan didn't speak.) I heard his announcement of New project Britannia. I was very interested.

SSSH 14 - New Project Britannia
SSSH 15 - Project New Britannia Goals & Needs

The plan called for the coders and modders among the Ultima Dragons and other fans to unify. Using a forum and any resources they could cobble together and share, they could create a library of assets and a framework within the Unity game engine. As the engine is well maintained, effective, efficient, and widely compatible with many types of computer system, it would be an ideal choice to create fan-based Ultima remakes, re-imaginings, or inspired works.

If you haven't heard of it, there's a reason.

It kinda fell flat. (Sorry WtFDragon)

The web site and forum that was to be used as a web-base of operations is still around. No updates for quite some time.

I wanted to help, but my computer knowledge is mostly hardware, I don't know enough coding to claim the the title script kiddie, much less programmer. Just enough Javascript and Lua to be dangerous.

But I really wanted to help. Like REALLY... Seriously, he had me at the tag-line "Strive for Unity." If that don't crack you up, you haven't played 7.

Then I saw a video of someone making a map in Minecraft and something clicked. I searched for already made maps through WtFDragon's Codex and other map hosting sites. Links were dead. Servers were shut down or unresponsive. Forums hadn't been updated in years. The one map of UO I found was dismally incomplete. Nabbed it anyway, it has some good work that shouldn't be lost IMHO.

Time to put up or shut up. I researched Minecraft map making tools, grabbed WorldPainter and got to work.


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